It has been a little over a year since I dug my brayer out of a drawer and began "rolling" paint onto different surfaces.  I tried hot press paper and various types of illustration board and bristol board until I found the paper I currently use.    

The reaction I am getting?  "I have never seen anything like this!" And thankfully sales are following.   You won't have to wait in line if you would like to own one, but the momentum is picking up.

Every artist would love to hit on the ONE technique, subject or genre that would allow them to paint with abandon - absorbed in their process while the paintings fly off the walls.  That way they could support their habit in style.  Let me know who is accomplishing that fete.

It is scary to change things about your style or technique.  I found that out early in my painting experience.  People who had purchased some of my early work stood arms crossed, head cocked looking at the work that was developing.

Without a smile they voiced, "I liked your old stuff better."  

They might as well have kicked me in the shins.  It planted a seed of self doubt that made me go to my studio and hover over my work instead of diving in.  But then I looked at my old work as compared to my new with as detached an attitude as I could muster.

The older work was just fine- this being my first attempts at wet on wet painting on cold press paper.  The newer works were more confident.  The newer works were getting to where I wanted to be.  I was not going back.   The nay-sayers were not the voice I was going to listen to.

Again, taking on a new technique - I have people referring to my wet-on-wet paintings as my "old" work though I am continuing to practice the style I have worked in for twenty-five years too.  I haven't put my big brushes down or abandoned 140lb cold press Winsor-Newton paper!   It is such a comforting place to be.  The new style makes me a bit nervous sometimes and the wet-on-wet is like a meditation.  

The problem is, I am just stubborn enough that if you tell me you want me to change - I will dig in my heels and if you tell me I should stay where I am - I will have my bags packed this afternoon.    I have to see what this stuff called watercolor will do, I like it that much.   So if you like my "old stuff" better - there will be plenty more where that came from, and if you like my "new stuff" - thanks.  I do too.